Monday, March 01, 2010


Gosh, is it really March? February seemed so unexciting, repetitive and unassuming. It was also the month that upon adding itunes software for Ja's ipod, my laptop was pretty much full of data. Out of space, not enough memory and so, the use of the computer became tedious and slow. My photos also took up semi permanent residence in my flash card. But, today is March 1st. A new day, a day to tackle the mac. Yep! We are the owners of a MacBook Pro. It feels so much more like a PC now. We had one almost over 10 years ago, eons, another lifetime in computing time. So, I'm giving it a try. So far, so good. Very quick to boot up, quick to upload video. A bit slower to upload photos though, but I do love how it keeps its power when you unplug it and are actually wirefree. Have you noticed that your screen dims* just a bit when you unplug your PC laptop and settle on the couch?

Now that I've looked though the photos, there was of course, some things to share in the month of February. Because, nobody's life is that boring. So, I hope to do a few more posts this week. Especially as we'll be off next week - on holiday. March Break as it is called here in Canada.

Some sewing projects that I was working on. Yes, February was the month that I got off my butt and put the foot to the pedal. I whipped up this nifty bottle holder. Turns out that you can buy similar type things in stores. Who knew? But, the idea had been brewing in my head since Jeremy tags along on our twice daily commutes to Courtney's school ( ha). So, despite my better intentions, he eats and munches in the car. He also drinks from his sippy cup. But - boy is that sippy cup slippery and since he is still wee and his car seat doesn't have a cup holder, not that he'd be able to always get it in....thus the sippy bottle holder. He can put it around his neck himself, takes it off too. It hangs out there so that when he doesn't need a sip, ta-da - it doesn't fall. I did quilt a little extra softness around his neck to give it some cushion. It will fit a bigger sippy cup as well as sigg bottles too. So, we are all happy.

The kids are growing up. I can hardly keep up with their changes. Courtney seems to already be riding that rollercoaster of grumpiness and happiness. It is hardly unusual to hear her muttering. And, complaining that things are just not fair. I am constantly bombarded by sighs and phrases my own mom uttered when I was growing up. Not that I was a handful or maybe I was. But, the growing pains are just beginning. I have joked twice now that I might just have to be in a permanet state of haze by the time the teen age years come. Still, I can't complain too much. She is sweet, sweet to us and sweet to her brother. She's getting leggy and long, still thin as a wire. We keep talking about adding a bit of chub on...but as soon as she starts to eat well, she catches a bug. Probably nothing new here. With all the vegetables that I try to serve up at dinnertime, she almost signs halleluas when catches scent of meat. Jeremy is still mostly a baby. On the verge of toddlerhood. Showing a bit more hrump, shaking of his head, plopping down when he doesn't get his way. But, he is my sweet, easy tempered child. He is so far less extreme in his behaviour. There are sure things that make him happy...and at the moment it is still fruit, cars, trains, trucks and interestingly....books ( about cars, trucks, food and trains). He doesn't stray too far.

Here is a picture of Courtney all decked out in her ballet stuff. I've gotten in trouble by the teacher a few times at not doing the bun properly, so it's a bit deal when we are all looking right.

Well...I'd best go. But, here is Jeremy with his morning snack bag. On his way out. toodle loo.

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