Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hurry up or slow down?

Sometimes I worry that I am rushing things. What's my hurry?...and is it hurry?

Today, we signed up for gymnastics for the Fall. One day a week, CJ will get to climb around gym equipement and learn to cartwheel. We were there yesterday for a visit and to see the facilities and when we came back home and told dad about our day - she suddenly remembered that these kids were doing cartwheels. Of course, she didn't know that is what they were called, but described what she saw, tried to do one, and said it was like a somersault but with hands and legs. We did one for her and she was impressed that we could do one. So, she's not even 3 and I am signing her up for gymnastic classes. Is that too early for structured classes? Should I just be letting her play in the park? Does this mean she is on her way to being an Olympian? I don't know - but I worry that I may have just started a long string of starts and tries. I am envisioning this...

3 years old tries gymnastics
4 years old tries ballet
5 years old tries soccer
6 years old tries piana
7 years old tries climbing
8 years old.......

....scary. I always thought that I would wait until she asked to learn something - so that she could stick with it...and here we are - turning 3 and starting extracurricular classes.

I think I need to relax about this...but all it takes is little steps...like I said - I worry about these actions and decisions. I mean she is asking for certain things, like going to the park, wearing certain clothes, having painted toe nails and finger nails ( don't ask), but it's all happening too fast now. Can I slow it down?

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Christy said...

Hey Jenn- methinks you worry too much. Courtney is going to have a blast and you will all be happy about it! As far as the blogger issues, I've read comments from 3 bloggers this morning about upload problems. It's not you!