Monday, December 14, 2009

on borrowed tech

So, my computer has a virus. If yours does too...sorry about that. For now, it's with the nice folks at Geek Squad getting a cleanup. We'd been cheaping out and had not installed the Norton Antivirus. Lesson there...don't cheap out if you don't know what you are doing and I suppose if you are browsing the net and shopping online too. I hope to get it back on Thursday, but for now, any posts will be without pictures. Oh, and I had such cute ones too.

Christmas is inching closer and I'm slowly getting things crossed off my list. The shopping is almost done. Almost. I envy those folks who are done early and then just stop. I've realized that I can't just stop. I love to shop too much. Still, almost all the gifts that are out of town have been mailed out. Yeah! Cards are made and pictures are printed. They just have to get to the envelope party now and be on there way. There is hope yet for them to come before x-mas!

Otherwise, the weekend was mellow. Stayed up too late at our first x-mas party. It was nice to see friends that we only see a couple of times a year. We are getting the house ready for my parent's visit next week. School lets out this week for Courtney. I had this huge headache/mgrained last night and had to go to bed at a ridiculously early time. Oh, and Jeremy is a bit sick. Poor little fellow. It is Courtney's x-mas concert tonight so it's not the best time to be sick...but such is the life of the second born. Last week, we did also go see Santa, well just Jeremy. It went OK. One thing that you never read about in books is this little fact, that little kids and babies just don't like Santa Claus. I guess there is little conforting being placed in the arms or lap of a stranger in bright red clothes and whose face you can barely see out of all the whiskers and facial hair. I was quick with the camera so got a picture before any potential bellowing and crying occured. That morning was almost a disaster. I drove around in circles for almost 2 hours trying to get to the mall but somehow kept chosing the routs with traffic or construction. Very frustrating. We'll have to brave the malls this weekend to take Courtney to see Santa....hmmm maybe we'll get lucky?

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