Monday, May 29, 2006

Now I know why some people don't blog everyday. It is a real commitement to stay on top of it. It's already Monday and I am a few days behind if I'm going to do this on a daily basis. Also when you don't blog everyday, it becomes just a recount of life.

This weekend was busy. It started with an adorable teddy bear picnic party for a little girl down the street, Jaime, who turned two. It was a terrific idea, picture perfect weather, with lawn chaires, a bit of mown grass in the park with cupcakes and swinging at the park to finish off the 2 hour party. Then the evening, with Courtney bossing our babysitter around, it was off to Toronto for a casual and cute wedding. We are definitely either party poopers or just oldies, as we were back home by 11pm. Sunday, was an early start with Ja packing for his quick trip to Moscow and Siberia - yes - you've read that right. My husband is going to Siberia. Courtney and I rushing around getting ready so that we can all go into Toronto for the Dora The Explorer Pirate Party show. What a great show! It didn't even feel like 1 1/2 show - went so fast, very entertaining...and if you weren't watching the kids expressions - the show itself was engaging.

From them on - I can't remember the rest. Probably the normal, reading stories, cooking, cleaning, playing, scrapbooking, good night routine - that kind of thing. New for me though is giving Courtney a bath. She has so much joy and fun splashing around. Honestly, she could stay in there forever. Swimming, kicking and washing and rinsing her hippo. I think it's probably one of the few things that she could really do for hours.

It's starting to feel like summer here in Ontario. I admire the yellow bearded irises in the backyard everyday and understand more why people have their own swimming pools. The bugs are out in full force, and by 10 am , it's hot, humid with the sun beating down on us. Luckly, 2/3 of the house is still cool. Welcome back to Ontario.

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