Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Being loyal to....

Today was a stay at home day. Which if you know me is very rare. I'm always out and about - checking things out, running errands, entertaining Courtney, spending money - that kind of thing. But, the bathtubs could wait no longer. They needed a good 'ole soak and cleaning. My favorite cleaner by far is the VIM Thick Bleach. It has a toilet type neck - it's pretty much bleach and just really gets things clean. All the toilet cleaners in England had the same look and formula - but it's harder to find it here. So, when it showed up a year or two ago - I have been loyal to it since. It's a bit hard to find here though - as not everyone carries it.

This is my "beauty" cleaning regime. I never thought I would be brand loyal - but at the moment - these are my favorite products. Most are gifties from my darling, or Sephora purchases. Have you been to Sephora? LUV it - especially if you are a make-up junkie. I don't even wear make-up (regularly) and I love it. check it out at . Store fronts in Toronto, Vancouver and in Quebec ( I think) - and of course throughout the US and Europe. You get free samples when you make purchases, and get beautiful gift bags. The one thing that I am still on the hunt for is a good bath soap. We used to love Caress - but they don't make that one anymore. Anyone want to share their secrets?

Here's what going on my skin:
  • Mary Kay Satin Hands Cream
  • Kiss My Face Early to Rise ( ha - ja loves that one - like I'm ever early to rise) Body Soap
  • bliss Body Scrub
  • bliss Foaming Face Scrub - (this is a sample from the W hotel that Ja brought back for me from NY - it is really awesome. I think cleansers are like shampoo - you have to switch out to revive it)
  • Philosophy purity (cleanser)
  • Clarins Lotus Oil ( the best to control Tzone oil/blemishes - don't ask why you put oil on if you have oil - probably like how if you want to lose fat you have to eat fat )
  • Clarins Eclat du Jour (moisturizer)
  • Philosophy When Hope is not enough - OMG - best best night cream
  • Pantene 2 in 1 shampoo - because it smells nice - like highschool hair - and it's 2 in 1 - I can't be bothered to condition
I thought about showing you what was in my make-up bag - to give you guys a laugh - and also I would indicate HOW long I have been hanging on to certain things in my make-up - they really ought to have an best by date on cosmetics. Oh - it would be a good laugh for everyone 1) why do you own so much make-up, 2) why aren't you using it, 3) how old is it? Maybe another day - for now you'll just have to imagine.

Have a good night everyone.

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