Sunday, June 25, 2006

Did I tell you that Courtney is a girly girl? Her favorite colours are purple and pink. Many of you know that her favorite store is Pottery Barn Kids, but things might be changing. It's sidewalk sale time at the malls, and on Saturday we went out to look for a birthday present. We strolled by "claires" - and holy cow - she loves it in there. It is a pink, purple and bling store. She loves everything in it. I think we'll be spending many hours in there in the future. For now, she'll have to make do with these $1 earings. They are magnetic - not for little kids who like to put things in their mouth - and they make her look so grown up. Of course she lost them within 2 hours - but 8 pairs for $1 - I'm OK with that.

I'm off to Salt Lake City this evening and have my list of things to do on the Internet before we set off. It's weird because although I am really looking forward to going on this trip - a part of me wishes that I weren't going. I like being at home and just hanging out with CJ and Ja. A big part is also that Ja will be off on holiday - so it is actually holiday days - and well...we won't be together. I'm also a bit reluctant to actually leave CJ for fear that she will like daddy better. SAD - I know - but for now - being a mom is my job - and I take things so personally - I hope that it's still the same one when I get back home. 6 days...a lot can happen in 6 days. It'll be good for me - I don't know how home-away dads do it.

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Christy said...

Great post Jen- can't wait to see you when you get home. :)