Thursday, June 08, 2006

I think Ja and I are about to enter a new stage....the terrible almost threes. I'd read about the "terrible" ages - and so far, we have been lucky to have avoided them. But, the last couple of days, CJ has been sick - and a new personality is coming through. I can't really pinpoint it yet, but it's like a hyde & jeckell - almost. I'm not scared, but it is a surprise and I'm already thinking about it to figure out how I am going to deal with it - as I am really not a very wholly patient mom.

Here are some examples of the "new CJ".

Adjectives: cranky, irratable, stubborn, unbudgeable, forceful


Behaviour: giving Noo noo a personality - noo noo says this, does this, doesn't like this, did this, SELECTIVE LISTENING

There is some shimmer in the lining though...the stories and the words that come out of her mouth are so sweet. The above picture is of course, Courtney, but the picture of her calf - is actually her baby. Yes - that is not a typo. Many of our friends have two or more kids, or are expecting and so I have been telling and teaching her about how babies come about. Primarily that she popped out of my belly when she was little, and I think she understood the shape of the swell - but not so much that one had to be a woman and that babies come from the belly. What a hoot she is - teling Ja that she was going to be having a baby - and pointing and touched her little calf. How cute is that!

I can't wait to scrapbook all these funny stories. I'll get there one day - for now, I'll just have these funny body part pictures.

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Christy said...

Hi Jen,

Keep writing- good stuff. Do you know what our Dr. told us about age 3 1/2? Find a good babysitter, you're gonna need one!