Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's a beautiful day, the sun is out, trees are gently swaying and I don't think it is all that hot. We have had to postpone our daytrip to Barrie to visit friends because Courtney is sick. Yes - can one get sick in the summer? Well - apparantly yes. I noticed she was not eating as much last night and drinking lots of milk. When she puked at dinner time - I kind of wondered if something was up. The evening ended with a little bit of Tylenol, some night wakings of crying and coughing. This morning, it was a full blown cold. It's just after 1pm and I tricked her into a nap. Her sickie now includes a runny nose. It must be awful to be sick. I will have to remember that anytime someone says that they are sick and asks or chooses to stay at home - they are probably faking it. If you are really sick - you don't say anything at all. You are just sick.

This is Courtney's little friend, "noo noo". She is in the "naughty corner". At 33 months, every week is lots of fun and development of Courtney's personality. I can already tell that she will be a sweet and insightful child.

I remember being amazed when she was a baby at all the milestones and growth that happens in the first year, that I think I forgot that the growing really does happen her whole life. Every day is a big deal for her and ought to be for us as well. I know that Ja really cherishes all the time he spends with her, but me....I have to learn to not waste her little cute years by checking my email, rushing her to get dressed, sticking her in front of the television. All these short cut mom tricks that at least for me - give me a little more sanity and breathing space - during the day, but in hindsight I can live without. I have to learn to savour it all and remember that it won't last forever.

At 33 months:

  1. Is a big girl now. ( at least during the day.)
  2. Prefers to wear and princess over Dora the Explorer.
  3. Likes to eat jelly beans.
  4. Starting to shift blame onto "noo noo". It was noo noo who dropped the bread, one jelly bean is for noo noo. Noo noo says that I shouldn't eat the cereal.
  5. Still likes to cuddle and be held - especially when she is sick.
  6. Cries when she doesn't want to do something - like take a nap.
  7. Still doesn't like Thomas the Train on TV.
  8. Likes to help out but doesn't really tidy up.
  9. Loves to swing and be outside.
  10. Hasn't heard the word "dummy" yet.
  11. Knows when mommy is upset, and says, " but I still love you", then sings the I love you song.

So, at this point in my life and in her life, lots happens - and I hope that I remember the feelings and smells and smiles of Courtney being 33 months.

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