Saturday, June 17, 2006

Shoes - shoes - shoes -

These are all of Courtney's shoes that she still fits into. She loves her shoes and slippers. I never knew that she had so many until I lined them up for this picture. I remember telling myself when I was pregnant that I was not going to spoil her and that I would not give her excess. Somehow that is easier said than done. It's so easy to pick up something inexpensive, or on sale, or be convinced that only having the best whatever would allow her to grow up properly. Plus, things are just so cute too. Her favorite pair are these vinyl blue, princess heeled shoes. She clicks around in them and just loves it. It's funny how we accumulate things - sometimes without even realizing it. Take a look around your home - what are you un-intentionlly collecting? Or, are we born collectors?

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Christy said...

Good Golley Miss Courtney. I don't even own that many shoes! I think I am glad I have boys. I enjoyed seeing you on Friday Jen, thanks for coming out for a bit.