Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This is one of many freckles on Courtney. The signifance of this one is that both CJ and I have one in the same spot. How cool is that? For me, that is proof that she is mine. I gave her that freckle. I know that whenever I see my neck freckle I will also think of her and her freckle.

Today, I have rediscovered my LOVE for Winners. If you are travelling down south, Winners is TJ Maxx - it also is like another one - but I can't remember it's name. It's a great place to find and buy things that you really don't need. Kind of like when you shop at Costco and you pick up all those non-food items because they are a steal of a price and you can't resist. Well - that's what Winners is like for me. We picked up a whole whack of books. Some phonics, counting, finding Waldo type books. I don't think a single one was over $8. I'll give them to CJ after her birthday though. There was one Princess book that we had to leave behind. I managed to convince her that it was too old for her. We sat down in the store and started to read it ( I wanted to judge if she would like it - as it had few pictures, just within the storey - like when it was a pumpkin - it was a picture of a pumpkin and the word was underneath in small print - know what I mean?). Well - within 2 sentences, the words HATE and NASTY came up. I stopped reading. I realized again that I have to start screening what is out there. I'm not really into censorship - but I do think being one should be responsible and careful with words and language to not misuse it or disrespect it. When you are a little person - can you really do that? Anyway....we also got three dress up outfits. They were all too big of course, but she just loves dressing up now. Especially in pink like a princess. They were $6 each - red tagges - of course.

Here she is trying them out. Her favorite is the one with the tube top and all the little tutus - she puts them all on at once.

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