Monday, July 17, 2006

Propane, sparker and bbq

It's bbq season and I rolled up my sleeves and lit the bbq...all by myself. There is something daunting about a bbq - which is strange given the amount of cooking and baking that I do. Perhaps it is the bad experience of lighting a bbq with a match or with a sparker...or the general fear of blowing yourself, the tank and the surroundings up - I don't know - but I have noticed that I don't do a lot of cooking outdoors.

Our bbq is new. We tend to cheap out and getting the lowest price bbq at Home Depot and then just cook it to death. Our last bbq lasted us a good 8 years - and had we not moved, we probably still would have been using it. Our new come is like a Cadillac in comparison. It's got a bigger grill, two side tables ( no rotisserie or boiler option - remember we are cheap) - and it's hot. Goes up to 700F.

Tonight, with good friends James, MC and their girls in town - I venture out to the bbq. I'm definetly not good at lighting it - and can see myself burning off my eyebrows - but I survived and the bbq is lit and the ribs got cooked. I'm not sure if I feel like I've conquered anything - but it made me realize that I have to work on my bbq skills. Anyone have any pointers out there?

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