Sunday, July 09, 2006

Straw-berries - berries grown in a straw/soil mixture.

That is my own realization as I sitting down in front of my computer. On Saturday, we took some friends berry picking and it was truly good, clean, wholesome, sweet fun. We took a short drive to a farm in Halton Hills - past some truly beautiful houses - to the Hutchinson Farm and spent an hour or so picking berries. What a great experience for Courtney and her cousin Finley. Some of my favorite moments of that morning include:
  • Courtney and Finley yelling, "follow your nose" - to the scent of ripening strawberries
  • Both kids asking if the berries were "red enough" to pick and eat
  • The sweet smile and juices running down lips, chins and arms

After this experience, I have vowed to seek out some more local farms and pick our own. It's more than just getting the freshest fruit and crop, it's about being with nature, the sun, the soil and being out in the fresh air.

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