Sunday, July 30, 2006

This is us.

I met Ja in 1991 at university and we lived in sin until 1999 - when we married in Calgary and settled down to have CJ - hopefully more - one day. On Saturday we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a good ole date - dinner and a movie. It had honestly been ages since we'd done a dinner and movie - and it felt really good. As we walked and talked that evening, I realized how lucky I really am. We still hold hands, we still walk close, we still share with each other. We have had many memories and good times - I know in my heart there are more still. In looking back, I never knew that the time would pass so easily or quickly. In my heart and head that night, we are as we were then. Buddies and soulmates. Just kids. I'm so happy that our lives together have been lived and not just passed by in waiting.

Live your life now and live it as best as you can. It really is made up on moments and every one of them counts.

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Michelle said...

Congratulations, you two! I hope you had a wonderful day and got to spend a little time alone with each other.