Sunday, July 02, 2006

A week in Salt Lake City

Can you believe me - operating on an average of 6.5 hours of sleep a night which spending a very active, vocal and busy day. It's true - I can do it...and I can crash exhausted too. Last week, I was lucky to spend a week in Salt Lake City. What a great and tiring trip!

Arrived late, couldn't wait to sleep in this awesome Marriot bed. Met up with some Calgary gals. Tossed and turned all night.

Buffet breakfast. Rented a Yukon and drove 7 crazy scrapbook women shopping. Sherri, Linda, Lynnette, Jody, Ranjana, Sarah, Laurie and myself - piled in and shopped, then shopped then shopped. We hit: Target, Roberts Craft, Heartland paper, Memories Outlet, Paper Creations. It was an unbelievable experience and after almost taking off the drivers side mirror at the start, I survived, they survived and we all spent too much money. Leadership dinner - was inspiring and makes me so pleased to be among women who enjoyed their teams, to hear tips and styles from the top consultants in the company. I couldn't believe that the top consultant, Karen Morris, has 5000 in her team - and she is such a sweetie and down to earth. We also got these beautiful silver heart shaped measuring spoons. My good friend, Virginia finally arived late - safe - so the chatting, fun, late nights were about to begin.

Day 1 Convention. Whoooooeeee e- it starts. Early wake up. Early breakfast. Early line up. Early whoooeeeee. Early crying. Early stories. 10:30 am - excited and exhausted already.

Day 2 Convention. More whooeeeeeing. More convention. Awards night. Makes me really appreciate and KNOW that this is a super company to be a part of. This is a place where good people are rewarded with good things. Too often, you hear about good people being hit with bad things so it is so amazing to see good people being awarded and deserving of good things.

Day 3 Convention. More whoeeeing - it's winding down. I'm winding down. 2nd day Ja is SICK. Banquet closing night. Great dinner. Awesome entertainment and I win the centerpiece - more FREE stamps, bigger brads, window charms...whoeee. Early night.

Homebound. I'm excited to come home and to see Ja and Courtney. The greeting at the airport is an 11 out of 10. I keep looking at Ja, he has lost a ton of weight from being sick and CJ is so much older. I can't believe how cute, adorable, and lovable she is. Picture, her running to you, clicking off ther princess heals and leaping into your armts and actually cuddling into you for a hug and carry. She gives me a big hug all my herself and tells me she loves me. What could be custom duties, new Victoria Secret bras ( OMG - they really are comfy and great), and new CTMH product!

Anyways, I'm back - trying to catch up on sleep. Will be trying to catch up with friends and family too. It's sweet the return home. I've realized that away time is good for me....perhaps not 5 days - but some time refreshes and revives me.

Hope y'all been having a great week! Happy Canada Day weekend!

ps: I have tried to upload pictures 4x now - I'm giving up. I'll try again tomorrow. You'll have to make do with just words today.

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