Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is summer over?

Forgive me. I have not updated this blog in a while as life has been hectic. This summer has been busy with seeing friends, spending time with family, and getting re-acquainted to Ontario. Sometimes people are amazed by how busy our house gets with the comings and goings, but honestly, for me, that is the best way for a household to be. Full of people, of news, of bodies, of stories and of laughter and food. It makes me feel complete and full of purpose when I am surrounded by people - and what better place than in your own home. CJ has been loving this summer too. I sometimes sense that she would like to have more of her own friends but I know that time will come. For now, she is happy to be included with the adult company - who are still "friends" too. It's with delight and joy in her voice to whisper in the morning that there are "friends" in the house and can she go and find them. What a happy little girl!

Saw a longtime girlfriend's little boy this past week and was so delighted by how sweet and cute he is. He's just mini like CJ. After a girl getaway, he was clinging to his mommy and wouldn't let her out of his sight. It's so wonderful to see attachment at it's best. On getaways, if you have not yet experienced a spa treatment - it's time to set aside a small jar that says "spa relief" and start putting bills in there. No pennies, quarters, dimes, we're talking loonies and toonies and up. I've experienced that there is a difference between a good spa and a great spa. For someone (me) who seldom self-indulges ( OK - besides scrapbooking stuf) - this month is all about *spa*. I'm no expert, but taking the time to actually get away to a spa facility - vs. solely a day spa - is so worth it....if only for the waters, little tasty bits of healthy snacks and soft robes. In the last week, I have gone from no spa to manicure, body wrap, body mask, salt scrub, hot stone massage and before the end of the month, aromatherapy massage too. I will be all creamed out - seriously, there is no such thing as too much "spa-ing". So, start saving up - it's not treating yourself, it's really not a big waste of money, it's rejuvination, it's therapy, it's also taking care of yourself. We're all grown up now, we don't need our mothers to take care of us ( we might need help and advice though) - we need to learn how to do it ourselves.

Ok - enough on spas. If you are interested though, I've been to and Both are a part of the Ontario's Finest Spas. I like Millcroft better.

We went berry picking again this morning. A different place, called Andrew's Scenic Acres. The blueberries and other berries were not quite ripe - so it was some very discriminating berry picking. 4 girls picking blueberries - wish that I could have gotten a picture of all of us together. Really it was the adults picking and Courtney trying to nab as many out of our baskets as she could. Boy - can little fingers and mouths really move quickly when the desire is there! I think many times I would look down to see big eyes peering up and and an empty basket peering up too. Still, it was a good outing. The weather was perfect for it. They also have cut your own flowers which I'll have to keep in mind if I ever need a huge flower arrangement.

It's quiet in the house. Ja is stuck in Toronto, business dinner, and my mom is watching TV downstairs. I'll join her in a few minutes to catch up on some scrapbooking - but wanted to check in here to say all is well here. Enjoy the last few days of summer break...seems like it's coming to an end.

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Christy said...

Um, Jenn.........if summer is come I still have a house full of kids? Glad to hear all is well, and,hey, you can't write a blog entry without me commenting-- can you?