Thursday, September 21, 2006

"3 wishes....1-2-3-" - Hi-5 song.

OK - so the Hi-5 sensation that has been sweeping the US and Australia and UK - is now hitting our little house. Courtney is totally into this little boy/girl band. You can check them out at They are on at 7:30 AM on TLC ( for those who wake up that early and are watching TV). Her favourite is Sean - I can't believe it. We have both a CD and DVD now.

Today as we were driving back home she said..."mommy, that is Sean's voice". I thought WOW - she can recognize his voice. I think I can hear the girls apart - but the guys not really. Through Hi-5, she is also learning about karaoke and singing solo - the concepts. It's all good, as we are grooving around town singing at the top of out lungs.

Yestersday, when the song, "3 wishes" came on. Courtney told me that her 3 wishes were : 1) to be an astronaut, 2) to be a firefighter and 3) to be an arborist...and as a side - she also wants to be an acorn - so she can grow up to be an oak tree. For now, she's just picking up the acorns and planting - aka - throwing them - in the ground. After she told me her 3 wishes - I was like "wow" *again* - but then she says, "mommy what are your 3 wishes?" - I stalled, and hummed and in the end told her that I didn't know and would have to think about it. It's now been a good 24 hours and I still don't have my 3 wishes. What is is about age that makes us think more and not just be. Why couldn't I just come up with 3 wishes? I know it was because I wanted to make them really good wishes - but why? Also - a wish would have to be for something that you don't a wish the same thing as a hope? Is it different for adults, mothers, women?

Here are mine now...I wish I could...

1) conquer motion sickness and my fear of heights ( OK - is that 2?)
2) be more intuitive
3) eat doughnuts and not gain weight

So...I bring it to you? What are your 3 wishes?

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