Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Being lazy.

I have not blogged in a long time and I've come to realize that it's like many things. You need to either 1) schedule it or 2) do it repeately so that it becomes routine...a habit. Unfortunately for me and you - I'm not there yet.

August has blown by and it's practically fall. We had a short visit to Calgary and CJ met up with good friends and did some catch up. It was so nice to be around friends. It's just nice to be surrounded by your own network...not your parents, not your husbands and not your kids - your own. This trip to Calgary has also made me realize that in the first year of moving back to Ontario - CJ and I have trekked back 3x for short trips. I think the next trip will be for longer - and we'll probably not go back 3x in 2006/2007 - but who knows....I'm becoming a much better flyer.

There are a few things that I want to tell you about. I'll have to make a journal to write down all the "blog" ideas that I have because I keep forgetting them. Right now - I can't only think of 1 of the 3.

Sunday night, I rented Poseidon ( not really worth it - a bit stressfull - always who is going to die next kind of clench your hands stress), and What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole. Apparantly, the rabbit movie is a remake...anybody seen it or a "follower"? I wish that I had tuned in to the whole thing - but was multi-tasking - and the movie was really for Ja. The movie itself is non-fiction but it has been "movie-cized" - is that a word? It's all about physics, consciousness, thought process, neurons and water. Rent it - stick through it - it has some really neat ideas....the basic jist however is this....your thoughts matter - everyone should only think positive thoughts....your thoughts do make a difference. Basically really simplified, there was this Japanese physicist who conducted these experients: he would take some water, identify it, will it, label it, cool it down and then watch the crystal that formed. If the water was label "happy" - it grew into organized crystals and formed a beautiful ice crystal. If the water was labelled "mad" - it grew unlinearly, as it angry. This experiment was repeated over and over and the same thing always happened, essentially happy and positive words, thoughts = organized, beautiful crystal and negative, angry words = ugly, chaotic crystals. Isn't that the trick here is that our bodies are 80% water....if we can influence water then maybe are our thoughts are important and that powerful. Can we re-program ourselves. Can the power of suggestion work? There were more experients which support this and round it out - but hopefully you get the idea. So girls....start to think positively - tell your bodies how beautiful they are, how healthy they are ( in my case I tell my body it has a high metabolism and gets rid of all the fat*haha*), and you will be on your way to being better. If not - there is no harm in being positive and as a side - you actually do feel better. Again, the power of our thoughts.

So - that's it for now - it's late. We are packing tomorrow for our trip to Phoenix. We are looking foward to it - a break - family vacation - scrapbooking retreat for me. Can't wait!


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