Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mary Lake at Clyffe Cottage, Port Sydney, Muskoka, ON

You can't see in the picture that Courtney and I are clutching on to the canoe. She is actually gripping onto me and I am gripping the side of the canoe. It's all a bit ridiculous as at this point, we are only a few metres from shore and I'm sure if we tipped over I could stand up. Never mind that we are both wearing life jackets and I'm a pretty good swimmer. Still it's the idea of tipping over that makes me hold on tighter.

We are canoeing earlyish in the morning. The canoe trip lasted only about 10 minutes. CJ wanted to turn back and as we discovered try out all the row boats, canoes, and other flotation devices.

We are weekending at Clyffe Cottage. We are here attending a wedding. I have never been this far north in Canada before. Driving up, I slept most of the way and Ja reminisced of spending some summer weekends cottaging.

During the course of this weekend, I have realized a few things:
  1. I am not a cottage girl. On the first night, we found some black charcoal like things on the plates in the cupboard and by morning I'd guessed they were mouse droppings. Who knew if they really were - but it totally grossed me out. I like the simple things in life and wish to live more simpler but when it boils down, I like my own stuff and space. So, if there is anyone out there holding out for us to buy a cottage - it's not happening anytime soon - and if it does - it'll be more like a house in the country. Don't get me wrong, the rental was adequate, Ja even says it's a good one, with heating, running water, beds, TV, fireplace - but there was just something about it - maybe it was that it was a rental - I'll have to think about it some more.
  2. Ja and I needed to sleep. When you are in the country, it gets dark by 8pm and with nothing to really "do", we went to sleep usually by 9pm. Let me clarify that dark = pitch black. You can't see anything and it's QUIET. Sleep was pretty fitful, but it still surprised me that we were ready to go to sleep at 9pm. Makes me wonder...should we be resting earlier now that we are back in the city.
  3. The face that religion takes. (This is a touchy subject and one that I have specifically avoided. Many of my friends and family are religious or go to church or have faith in God on different levels.) But if you are reading my blog, hopefully you "get" enought of me to have faith in me too. What I will say on this bullet point is, why does religion come between families? Now that I've written this down, it's dawned on me that this is an age old question. Famous stories have been writ and numerous lives and loves have been lost on this subject. But it doesn't make me wonder any less.

It's Tuesday today and a beautiful day. I think Fall might be my favorite season. There is just a longing in Fall....even the airplane that flew by sounds beautiful to me.

Got to run...

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