Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In Dubai...

It's Tuesday night in Dubai and the city is just waking up. Outside is cooler and with the hundreds of lights from cars driving to and fro, it's so light out...like a party waiting to happen somewhere and everywhere.

I'm sitting in the lobby of the Emirates Tower in Jumeirai - still a bit jet lagged and cranky at not having a good night sleep. Poor Courtney and Ja, we all had decent sleeps the first day but it was rough night for everyone. Hopefully, today will be better.

It's also Halloween tonight so hope everyone back home is getting ready for a fun filled night. CJ and I already ate our ghost cookie which got broken into many tiny pieces. Yummy.

So far, this experience has been a bit sureal. We are staying at the Emirate Tower, it is an amazing and top notch hotel. We are only the 30th floor and zip up and down this crazy elevatore daily to start and end our day. CJ now knows how to "pop" her ears and I might just over a little fear of heights after this trip. We've been to two incredible malls already. The Mall of the Emirates - HUGE - with a ski slope in it! and Mercato Mall - very neat structure. Tommorow we will hit the beach. (that's if we wakt up in time to take the shuttle to the sister hotel).

Ja has been busy and working - so we see him now and then. It's nice to be here and though there are comforts and luxury to being here with CJ being small - I miss my things at home.

Dubai is a city to watch. Great people watching, an incredible amazing feeling of possibility, wealth, happening and beauty. There is multiculture, culture, etiquette, history and warmth from the sun and from the people. I have to say it's pretty cool to know that there are sheiks walking around too. There are sky scrappers that are going up by the dozens and dozens but unlike in other countries and locals - you actually good stare at them, admire them and enjoy them.

If I get the chance, I'll try to load up some pictures next post. Take care everyone!

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Christy said...

Did you hit the beach? I'm hungry and grumpy and on the way to the hospital. Good thing you are out of town. Craig will post updates on the blog. Miss you!