Thursday, October 19, 2006

This is fall. The maple tree in front of the house is turning red. I'm told it is a Japanese Maple. The previous owner loved it and wished she could have dug it up with her. I will admit that it is quite stricking, though the sheer number of leaves on the tree overwhelms me.

In Oakville, there is a curb side leaf collection program. You can rake your leaves down to the curb. Let them collect and when it's your designated week - a giant leaf sucking machine will swoosh by and suck them up. Our week isn't until early December...I wonder if the squirrels get mixed up and hide nuts in there sometimes. In any case, that's what I'm going to attempt this year. Last year, we didn't get them all and I'm sure we had at least a dozen brown bags on the know the ones I mean....they are huge - I could fit in one!

So, I have finally come to terms that I am going to miss Halloween. I was getting excited for the holiday and I couldn't participate. I even thought about dressing up in a costume to give treats out to the kids. I keep eyeing all the candy and in a whim, a couple of weeks ago, bought the a halloween pack of play doh - which I think I'll ask a neighbout to leave out for the kids. Hey - with a pumpkin like ours - kids gotta come....don't they? In this neighbourhood, it's a toss up between walking the stretches and hitting the million plus houses for loot, or hitting the tight nested new developements where you can probably say trick or treat a hundred times in less than an hour. We were told last year to expect a good number as our neighbourhood has narrower roads and makes for criss cross trick or treating style a good bet. Who knew that there would be a science in trick or treating? There is so much candy out there - it's not like it's rationed out like (OMG - dare I say the words?) when I was younger...but there you have it - I suppose free candy is free candy. So with all this said, we still had less than 2 dozen ( if that kids ) come through. I guess our neighbourhood is not that *hot*. Still, I can't wait for Halloween next year. Doesn't matter how many kids come....I'm realzing that getting in the spirit of a holiday is probably one of the best feelings there is. OK - who's ready for .......C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S?

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