Thursday, November 02, 2006

Catch up.

We are back home and I'm behind in pictures. So here you go.... A picture is worth a thousand words...right?

This is Dubai and this is our hotel...the Emirates Tower.

This is in the Mall of the Emirates - indoor ski slope. So wacky - it's kind of neat.

This is the beach. It was a perfect day.

This is the crazy 7* hotel. You have to either be a guest or be dining/smoozing/shopping there to get in.

This is in our room on the 30th floor. It's a hot day and you can only see the peaks of some of the towers. I couldn't resist taking pictures - playing with the window reflections.

It's a hot day....first to the souks...

Then last minute shopping at Wafi Mall - now that's nice one. Wish we'd had more time.

It's our last day in Dubai. Beach Day!

Happy Birthday to Ja!

Flying home. Courtney is excited to be going home. It's a rush all the way back, we almost don't catch our connection in London because of the "in-transit security checkpoint"...never mind the Air Canada terminal and gate was as far away as physically possible.

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