Monday, November 20, 2006

Going back to what you know or used to know.

We are almost the proud owners of a black polish upright Kawai piano. Ja has been dying aka. encouraging me to get one for over a year now...and last week - it just felt right. I got a notice in the mail of a piano sale. Courtney and I went to check it out. Two days later, we started the ordering, cheque processing, delivery date game. Tomorrow between 9-5pm a 400 lb piano will sit in our family / fireplace room. The last couple of days, Ja and I have been mentally shifting furniture around in our heads. Can you believe that a piano is 60 inches - that's 5 feet! - pretty well me sideways.

I'm already the proud owner of two piano books. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "World Famous Piano Pieces". I'm excited to play again, but a bit nervous as it's been a looooooooong time since I've played. Usually, it's around Christmas time when I return home to my parent's and I fiddle with my old piano, that I actually touch keys. My mom is also really excited that we will have a piano soon as I think it was her dream that I play my whole life. I am also looking forward to filling a tiny bit of my soul with music. There is something soothing about the song of a piano.

And wow...if I can play well enough again to entertain and delight...that would be amazing.

The piano was a big piece of my childhood...I guess it's OK and about time that I reclaim a piece of that back. As I slowly make my way through 10 grades - I wonder what else I'll remember and what it might spark.

As we approach this holiday season, starting with American Thanksgiving, it's time to remember what we are made of, what we came from, what we love and carry it forth in the most giving and catching season.

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