Friday, November 10, 2006

Some days are just....OMG!

It's Friday and the end of the week. Thank goodness. I don't know where the time has slipped to but I feel worn out. Do you ever have one of those days where things just slip your mind? That's today. "It sounds a bit like complaining", I wrote to one of my girlfriends, but really it isn't. It's just one of those days.

Here is a recap...

  1. oh my gosh, it's 7 am and I'm awake...where is Courtney?
  2. oh my gosh, it's 9 am, Courtney is still sleeping.
  3. omg, i'm out of tape, how am I going to wrap the last present?
  4. omg, we've got to go, we're going to be late for lunch in Toronto, can we get there in 30 mins?
  5. omg, there's no time to go to the bank
  6. omg, there is just enough coin, $17, to cover parking.....pray it is not more
  7. in car, omg, i forgot the camera
  8. in car, omg, i forgot to put on jewelry
  9. "mommy I like it when you drive fast", says courtney, omg, I have to slow down
  10. omg, there is no way I can get in that parking spot
  11. omg, that guy's in two spots!
  12. omg, I left my feminine stuff in my other purse

It's no wonder that one of Courtney's poignant expressions at the moment guessed it....'Oh my gosh" in that little high pitched voice. That...and "oh dear" - but truly, that one is not from me. I have not stretched too much to be saying "oh dear" all the time.

The afternoon went better, probably because I slept most of it. There was not chance for another "oh my gosh" moment to sneak in.

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Christy said...

Hi Jenn- too funny. I am a bit stir crazy over here. I hope you enjoyed your lunch!