Saturday, December 23, 2006

A couple of friends are trading year in review scrapbook page layouts this year. I got the idea from "The Big Picture" scrapbooking by Stacy Julian. I really like her and her philosophy. I was lucky to hear her speak at a scrapbook retreat this past September. She wrote about how much she enjoys getting the annual pages and reading them to find out what her far away friends and family have been up to. I just received my first set the other day from my good friend Deanna and I so enjoyed it. It was kind of like when the movie ends and it's a happy ending but still you want more. I wanted more and it made me miss her and her family and want more.

So, here are my layouts for 2007. MC, if you are reading this - I guess you are getting a sneak peak. There is a pull out tab on the second page with some journaling. I tried to cram in as many pictures as possible. At one point I thought I could get 40 on a page. My gosh, I'm going to have to learn how to use photo editing / re-sizine softward. Also, how to stitch scans together.

It's almost Christmas Eve and all is quite. It's late and I hope to sleep long and soundly. Seems like it's hard to sleep through the night nowadays. Still, the slightest peep can wake me. So, good night everyone, enjoy Christmas Eve, get your last minute things. We're off to have dim sum in Toronto tomorrow - hope it's not too busy, but as it's'll all depend on our timing.

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