Sunday, December 10, 2006

December 10th

After just reading a "tag-it" story, it seems fitting that I should post a story myself. This is a true story told to me by Ja. He laughed all night after hearing it and it still makes me laugh out loud. So, keep in mind this is based on true events. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Scene: expensive restaurant downtown Toronto, 11 pm, late at night, main character a bit drunk.

So Joey goes into the bathroom and it turns out that it is a unisex batheroom. There is about 4 stalls on either side of a common sink. It's dark, late, and Joey is a bit drunk. It's also pretty hard to see the stalls from the sink. Being a unisex batheroom all the stalls have doors.

After he has finished his business and is washing up, a beautiful girl comes into the bathroom and seeing Joey says, " hey, which bathroom did you just come out?". Joey is a very nice guy, clean, consciencious, says thank you kind of guy. He thinks to himself, the bathroom that I just left was not that clean. There's toilet paper on the floor, it's kind of gross. He sees that the stall beside the one that he was using is free. So, he leads the girl to the other stall. Very pleased that he's been able to be a gentleman. He opens the stall door to present the bathroom to her and to his shock, the bathroom is filthy. There is toilet paper everywhere. The toilet has not been flushed and it really should have been. He looks at the girl, he's well...shock. The girl looks scared. He's not sure what to do...he thinks, how can I get myself out of this situation. I can't. There really isn't anything I can say or do. So, he looks at the girl one last time, and says, "ta da!", and bolts out the bathroom.

The rest of the night, he spends in disguise wearing his jacket and trying to hide from the girl in the bathroom.

...and there you go....I remember going into a unisex bathroom at a club and thinking how gross the bathrooms were. I think at my neighbourhood library, they did a test (which didn't last for very long) where they "unisexed" the bathrooms and that was also disgusting. This is not to say that women's bathrooms are all clean, but if I had a choice, I always wait for the women's loo.

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