Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 14

What's your oooooh store? Do you have one? I was recently on Queen Street West and went into a shop called Americo. You can check out some of their wares at Amazing stuff. I have even put my name on the list to hear about KNITTING classes. Yes, you heard me, I may be about to enter another craft world. I am already signed up to take a jewelry making class starting in January, and now this. Where will I store all these new goodies. Gasp - will I have to move or box up some of my scrapbook stuff? No worries, I've figured out that the jewelry stuff will for now fit into a box and the yarn - well's it's pretty squishy..and hopefully I won't be buying alot of the wool and felted yarn from Americo. The store is dark, off wood, cozy, smells good and is warm. Picture reams of gorgeous long, think yarns, wools, and beautiful blankets, traveller bags and wraps. It's the kind of store that you just want to linger in. I was so inspired to create and to learn to make something that beautiful.

Have you been inspired lately? I look for beauty in things that are made with care will last forever. Simple things, they surround your life...look for them - they are there.

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Amanda said...

Hi Jenn,

I came across this address in my book at work and decided to see what you were up to. You will need to have your basement refinished just for your crafts, CJ can have the spare room to play in. I would love to learn to knit but it would mean classes or lots of ugly scarve. Instead I've discovered I love yoga. Not the granola cruncher stuff but simply as exercise. The hot room is great...if you can handle it. I'll talk to you before the holidays to figure out our visit plans.