Friday, December 01, 2006

December 1st

It's a wet, blistering day. The eaves are clogged with leaves and I really hope that it's not too late to get them out. I think last year, Ja dug them clean in the Spring and it was totally gross. This fall, we got done a lot more than last year - but still - there is room for improvement. A well kept house - both on the exterior and interior - takes time, energy and money. Every day, I am learning the meaning of "keeping house".

It has taken me 3 years to learn that I need to do everything ahead to have even a chance of things being done timely. But, still that is no guarantee. This morning, after breakfast, I realized that it was December 1st and that I forgot to put out the advent calendars. For the past couple of years, Ja and I have been doing advent calendars. They morph in shape every year starting with a handmade one with cute stitched pockets to a wooden "house" with little doors and pulls for each day, to this year which is Rogers chocolate imitation .99 cent advent paper box calender. I splurge on almost everything food related now a days and had bought this one at Whole Foods a month ago. Good thing too - as it definitely would have been more than 1 day late in getting it up. I think last year, I was filling the advent calendar a couple of days before "the day" - good thing nobody was peaking ahead a few days!

Christmas decorating started a few days ago after receiving the Pottery Barn catalogue and realizing the NEED to decorate and make the house really cozy. My brother and parents are coming this year and I am very excited and happy about that. I really want to make it festive and cheerful. Take a peak - here's what I've been up to!

OK. It looks like I have to straighten one of the red "thingys" in the planter. It's great that everything stays green and lush here. The planter is filled with all kinds of fresh greens like cedar, spruce boughs as well as dogwood. I'm lovin it - makes me happy to have some greenery around - especially as I can't kill it.

I'm also happy to report that I am nearly finished my x-mas shopping. Ja and I are not exchanging gifts this year, instead we are going boxing day shopping. In case you don't know this about me - I love to shop. I probably am a shopaholic. My poor friend Heather was here visiting last week and I think I shopped her out. To be honest, I was also exhausted having been out of practice for a while, but I can feel it in me. Moving back to Ontario has brought the shopgirl out of mel. Anyways, back to x-mas...I'm looking forward to giving a pile of gifts to friends and family this year. I hope to get the tree up this weekend. We have a really nice fake tree. I'll have to get some a pine candle or spray to make the house smell festive. I am not usually a big fan of fragrant houses...but hey - I'm getting in the spirit of things.

It's Friday and today is Ja's first day at this new job. Yes, you heard me job. I tell you...move to Ontario and one can't keep a job. No really, he's started a great job with a hedge fund - so that's the "buy" side - for those in the know. He's really excited about it - and with plans for a new office with a gym - 2007 has got to be looking healthier and fitter for all of us already...err - you know...if he's looking fitter - well gosh darn it - I can't be the only pudge in the house.

Courtney is doing amazing. We've figured out that an occasional skipped nap isn't a big deal - and can be a lot of fun and extreamely productive for the grown-ups in matters of chores, errands, and shopping. Gymnastics is over for the term and she received a purple ribbon and was calling herself a champion. So - cute. I've decide to just wait until September for school. She and I have waited so long - might as well do it right from the beginning.

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