Monday, December 04, 2006

December 4

Today was Santa day. Courtney and I booted to our favorite mall to go to the "santa experience". It's now our second time and this time around was better than the first. Courtney participated, enjoyed the story and singing. We met up with two other moms and their children so it was nice to sit back and just watch the 3 girls. I can see the belief in her eyes when she is with Santa. It is wonderful and makes me wonder what do I believe in?

One of my favorite memories of this season of Courtney will be here saying, "Hi Santa, it's me, Courtney", "Hi Santa...hi Santa...he can't hear me". Is there anything better than that?....OK - maybe, "Santa I would like a dinosaur" - it's funny what gets into a child's head. Dinosaur? what about a doll?

More done today, more gifts wrapped and packaged, ready to be mailed. First batch of x-mas cards are mailed...and a bit more shopping is done. For me, the shopping is never over.

Light snow is on the ground tonight. It's getting chilly out there. Good night all.

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