Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December 5th

Apparantly, I am the last one to know about this stylish and cheap way to organize drawer space. These are from IKEA, trusty, cheap and innovative. I have fond memories of IKEA from when I was a child. Likely, the ball / play centre was just too much fun for the bookworm in me. In any case, my favorite new thing is these organization boxes. You get a set of 5 for $10 and well worth it. I can't keep folded laundry in the hamper anymore. It is just so fun and rewarding to see it put away and organized. I realize that my thing before was putting away laundry only to see it a mess in the drawer a few minutes later. These little boxed sections keeps it all tidy or compartmentalized - which for me is all the same. I'm teaching Courtney where everything goes too - and for some strange reason - she relishes knowing that there is a spot for everything.

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