Saturday, December 09, 2006

December 8 and 9

I've gone from being a bit late to completly missing a day. Perhaps, I am blogging just for case that is OK. It's a good thing there is not counter to keep track of how many times I visit myself. Is it vanity? Nahhh - it's more like how you check for mail or email..usually when you don't get any. A bit of being social with your computer? OK - I'm a bit of a weirdo there.

There is still no tree up in our house. Ja keeps talking about bringing it up but I haven't decided if Courtney needs to witness the whole drag the tree from the box, preen it so it looks good and then we can decorate it together. Maybe it is OK for her to just wake up and find a fake tree in the family room. I don't know. Then there is the whole issue of putting presents under the tree or not. And then, I would have to go out and buy a tree skirt - as I have none and 3 stockings for my mom, dad and brother - as they will be spending the holidays with us. I think I have temporarily lost my chrismassy ness. I was in such a rush to get it all done for December 1, than getting some of it done has allowed me to take a pause and procrastinate somewhat. Still I can say:

1. almost all x-mas cards mailed.
2. almost all x-mas presents bought.
3. almost all x-mas presents wrapped.
4. almost all stocking goodies bought.

ummmmm in seeing this in print - maybe it's not that all that good.

This year, with Ja's mom's side of the family we are drawing names again and buying one present for that person. We are going one step further this year and posting christmas wish lists. It seems to be working, you can try one for your family at It is free and can be used for all kinds of other special occasions. What I like most about it is:

1. it has forced me to really think about what we would like
2. it has stopped me (somewhat) in just buying things for myself because I want/need/like them.
3. it lets me sign in as CJ to see which gifts I am getting( shhhhhh - our secret). I have been really good and not looking to see who has bought them.

The other thing that we are trying out this year is that Ja and I are not getting gifts for each other. Instead we are going boxing day shopping. I am really looking forward to this. It has been a long standing teenage tradition for me to go boxing day shopping, stand in line, get the deal. I still remember dragging my little brother to some outlet somewhere on a wet, cold Ottawa boxing day run. I think we took buses, walked in sleet and probably didn't buy all that much. I have fuzzy memories of wearing leggings - so it could have been the 80's. Imgaine that a full circle and I'll be doing it again. Who knows...maybe I can drag my brother to come too. What are your plans. Probably not crazy like me...

I'll leave you with this picture of what Courtney does when she has missed her afternoon nap and is really *exhausted* and ought to be sleeping. I don't know about her...she's got too many beans in her head. And what's with lining things all kids do that?

==>blogger is acting up - so I"ll post that pic tomorrow.

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