Monday, December 18, 2006

Step 2 - The christmas decorations are brought up from the dungeon.

It's also time to dig out the holiday music. It's probably a bit cheesy, but I love christmas music. A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law would send us a holiday CD and we would play it on Christmas Day. We have a small collection - but I still love receiving them. There is something hopeful, joyful and happy about christmas songs. Even those that are more spiritual.

I'm actually also looking forward to choir and chorals on the classical station.....there is a peace in Silent Night.

It's now less than a week before Christmas and I'm not going to bother doing a countdown. If anyone isn't aware that Christmas is just around the corner - the countdown is not going to help them or me. So, have fun getting ready, stocking stuffers, holiday baking ( which I think I've decided not to do this year as it's really me that eats it all), and getting bedrooms ready for guests and the house in order for company.

Fa la la la la la la la la....

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