Thursday, February 01, 2007

I have told some of you this story already, but it still cracks me up when I think about it and playback it in my head.

I have started to give Beautie ( our cat) human food. Only the best, fish, shrimp, scallops - that kind of thing. Courtney has taken an interest in it too. One morning she asked if she could give Beauty some of her Cheerios. I said, nope. She said, OK. By evening, she was asking if she could give Beautie some of her chicken nuggets. I said, nope chicken nuggets are people food. She then asks, what can Beautie have. So, I tell her...shrimp, fish, scallops, maybe some raw pork, some raw beef, definetly no salt, oh maybe some lamb. She asks, what is lamb? I think, pause and then say, sheep. She says, {eyes wide open} Beautie eats sheep??..and I say well a little piece. I can tell she is still mulling it over in her head. I visualize what she might be thinking...a cat eats a sheep....boy is that possible? I am smiling now and have to keep my eyes from laughing. Odd, how it was acceptable that Beautie ate fish, shrimp, beef, but sheep - that was the last straw.

Isn't it funny the things kids say and how their brains work?

On the subject of food, the other weekend we were at a restaurant, a French bistro and Ja ordered a rabbit dish. For the first time in a long time, I declined, no tasting for me, not even a little bite. I actually had to not look at his plate. I have been an omnivore for such a long time...I'm actually pleased by my reaction. That's one thing I can put on my 2007 "list" of things that I won't be eating.

Have you made your resolutions?

Ja is in Calgary for a short trip. Just me and CJ. Can't wait for Grey's Anatomy? Can you believe the proposals from last week? We both have slight sniffles, it's nice to stay in and just clean house...although I have a longing to go's February. I made it through one month of essentially sticking to the budget. Whoeee for Feb - being a shorter month.

Here is a picture of Courtney with her "babies". There is pal (or old) nou nou and then there is new nou nou. New nou nou came from France too and is the backup. She loves them both, preferring even new nou nou as she is clean. They are both girls and are twins.

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