Thursday, April 19, 2007

Note to self....I am going to try really hard to only wear my yoga pants when I am practising yoga. I realized yesterday that for me it's too schlumpy to be wearing yoga pants out of the house. It could be that yesterday's outfit was a real mismatch having not done any laundry in a while. Now I have 4 baskets full of clean clothes so perhaps by tomorrow I'll be back to wearing yogawear all the time...but just maybe it's a bit too casual and says, "I'm waiting rather that I'm doing" to the world. Along with not wearing yoga pants, I am also changing my morning routine to include hair conditioner. I figured out that ITS what makes your hair smell nice...and blow drying your hair...what a difference it makes. Who knows...maybe I'll be desperate housewife stylish one day.

For now, let me share a few of my favorite items. I am doing a scrapbook layout with a friend on my favorite things and I'm sending her the stuff in my kitchen - so here's a sneak into the rest of my world.

I love these socks. I can't wait to get more next time I am in the States. Courtney and I have matching pairs of socks and she calls them her twinkle socks. I wonder why....

This hoodie fleece. The best thing about it is that is has short sleeves. I am probably the only one on this planet who can be wearing clothes and still be cold, so I am forever wearing more layers in the house. Taking off a layer to do the dishes isn't going to happen so instead I leave on my zip and get the sleeves wet. Right? What is it with sweaters and long sleeves - they never stay pushed up. Anyways, this sweatshirt solves that problem in a jiffy and it eco-organic wear so right up my eco-conscious.

The idea of sewing. I just bought this book and love it. It's like comfort food or a good baked treat but without the cals. It's that is so easy and cute...I can do that.

It's the smell of spring. Yesterday I had my first spring nosebleed. I know it's weird - but I get the spring. Maybe, just's time for the sun to give the wind a boot out of here. more thing...I am dying for a great muffin or cupcake. I have been holding off on baking until I know I have 8 other adults in the house to eat it all...but I keep thinking of them. For now, I'll just keep thinking of this place, if you are in Calgary, go indulge here for me (trust me - the display is amazing and I'm not an icing girl - but this one is all good)!

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