Friday, April 13, 2007

Small things.

I'm totally into less is more these days. I just bought these at Sears of all places. 4 small juice glasses for about 5 bucks. I love them because you can fill up 3 and pour them into one of our big blue glasses. It really bugs me to see left over water, juice, milk, liquid - so this way - its just less for me to see. Courtney also loves them too because they are small. I still only fill them up about 1/2 way and then keep refilling until she stops asking...but it's nice to hear, "mama - more milk please" ~ music to my ears.

It's almost the weekend and I'm going on a date. Ja and I are going to see Harry Connick Jr. and have a nice dinner out with some friends - somewhere in the city. As I am blogging, I am trying not to snack on much because dinner will be awesome tomorrow...either Italian or one of Susur Lee's restos. Yum! I just made some tea...hmmm - are there any calories in tea? Anyways, other than the concert, not much else planned...anybody out there have exciting plans? It's still gloomy, wet and cold out. I have not yet packed away our winter gear...but am dying too - the mud room is a MESS! Plus, I'd like to have it all sorted out before our new garage door comes! Any week! I'll post a pic of our new white doors when they are installed. Really happy that I finally ordered them. Our current door is noisy, uninsulated, dented, ugly, dark - CJ even makes a screeching / machine type noise to mimic the sound of it as it opens and closes the door. Her room is right above the garage - AKA - the main reason to get a new one.

The last thing that I have to report on is that I have been wandering from shopping at Whole Foods. SHOCK! But, I've been trying out Organic Garage and today went to Planet Organic - and yes - it's the same one as in Calgary. They had those mini carts at Planet Organic so CJ was the shopper. She really likes it there - although there aren't any snacks / samplings - which was too bad. She did get a balloon. OK - what is it with kids and balloons. But, this whole shopping around, comparison shopping, although is very time consuming I'm realzing or remembering the sensibility of it in Ontario. For instance, 1L organic glass bottle milk at Whole Foods $3.79 ish, at Organic Garage, $3.39 ish and at Planet Organic $3.19. Since, I buy between 3-5 bottles a week - that adds up. I'm watching my pennies a bit more attempt to help with the budget and all.

So, I'll leave you with a more recent picture of me and Courtney. She is getting used to the playcentre/daycare at the gym that I go to...though I caught her telling another kid to go somewhere else because she didn't want him to play with/near her ( duh - wonder no one plays with you...if you tell them to go away - sigh), she is loving her chocolate and sweets, but has the good sense to stop "when it's too much sugar", she was stacking chocolates yesterday and saying, "this is happiness" while doing so - too funny. She loves her playdoh, can colour in a page now, loves sending pictures to Gisele's Big Backyard ( Ontario kids daytime kid show host), loves to make up songs and tunes, and will even sit and thumb through a magazine, or book while mommy is playing the piano.

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