Friday, April 06, 2007

The start of the long weekend.
It's been a quiet last couple of weeks and all of a sudden April has snuck up on me and it's the Easter weekend. It's such a nice treat to have the whole family together just being. You wouldn't think it's a tough thing with just the 3 of us, but with Ja's work schedule, CJ's sleep schedule and whatever it is that I do - it's not often that we all get to just be at the same time.

It's Good Friday today and as we are a bit non - traditional, we started the morning by attending the neighbourhood kids Easter egg hunt. It's our second time going and with the cold, wind and snow, you couldn't keep Courtney away. She was excited, focussed and loving every minute. It's nice to see everyone in the neighbourhood come out. Some folks I've never seen before - ever - note to self... I will have to keep an eye out for them this spring / summer.

Between doing nothing really, I went to my new gym and had a work out, and shopped for cheap shoes. Imagine that? A sale at the gym! It was a petite shoe sale, so that meant you had to have size 6 feet, as it's the traditional "sample" shoe size. Lucky for me. Imagine, hundreds of women hoarding baskets of shoes, trying them on, dumping them out and then going for more. I made the mistake of "shopping" first, then doing my workout, then having not bought anything the first time, went in again and bought a cute summer / spring pair. I went in looking for some nice ballet style shoes, or a summer shoe, and I was very good. What do you think? - cute shoe?

Enjoy your Easter weekend with all your traditions or non-traditions.

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