Friday, May 25, 2007

I have been doing a lot of baking lately. Can you tell?

I have also figured out how to make muffins look like they are bakery bought. Pretty excited about that - but let me tell you that development is not good for the waistline.
So, I received a couple of Barefoot Contessa cookbooks for my birthday and am really enjoying them. I've been cooking some and baking some of it under the premise that my dinner guests will no longer be guinea pigs of my new recipe trials. All this cooking and baking has got me thinking that maybe I will start to bake for people on the side or develop a bakery product line. I'm not sure if my baking is really that good enough - but I'm going to start experimenting. I've got some ideas tinkering in my head....we'll see if anything really comes out of it.
The other news is that I've started another blog! I know that I'm not actually very good at keeping up with this one - but I've been inspired by other craft blogs who try to post daily their cards, sewing creations, new makings. So, when you have a moment, check out at the very least, you'll see delicious, tempting baked goods that cost you nothing - not even calories - got to LOVE that!
It's Friday! I was able to score some Go Diego Go! tickets for tomorrow morning's show. So, Ja and Courtney will be going to see it. I'll be at the Ink Spot in downtown Oakville, selling my wares at an in-store garage sale. I'm hoping to get rid of my quickutz handtool. The way it works is that I'd get store credit for all the stuff that I sell at the sale - which I guess in the end, new stuff is better than old stuff sitting around, not being used - no matter how much you'd spent on it in the first place.

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Christy said...

Argggggggggh! Next time the Ink Spot has a garage sale, please give me the heads up! I have a whole basket of wood mounted stamps just sitting here. Arggggggggggg!