Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's raining and I've got potted flowers scattered around the front yard. Some have made it into the earth - lucky them - some are just willing themselves to root from the container. Let's hope that it's sunny tomorrow...for the sake of the plants...and because it's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me. If any of you are planning on calling your songs in - be warned - I will be in and out much of the I will be able to replay your singing over and over all year long! Yes, I am going to be another year older...which means that my brain will function that much slower and I will know that much less about what is "hip" in the world. Yesterday, I bought 3 Webkinz from the drug store. Have you heard of them? You can check it out at but apparantly they are the new beanie babies for 5-8 years old - maybe older? I'm no expert. Still I'm pretty excited to have scored them and can't wait to give them to the little girls that they are for when I am in Calgary in June.

Here is a neat website to check out. Ja is a big "googler" and found it.

Also, I finally figured out how to do a slideshow so check out the Close To My Heart May special incentive. It is an accordian album that is really sweet. It turned out so nice and was super easy to make. I wish that I could have kept it....isn't that always the case? Enjoy!

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Christy said...

Wow Jenn- the album looks great. Did you see the email from corp? You can buy another one if you want to!