Thursday, May 24, 2007

Late post on birthday and long weekend

It's been a week since my birthday so it's fitting that I should post something about it now.

Turning 34 isn't too bad when most of your friends are turning 35 or older. HA* - you know who you are. I actually had a perfect day spent much of it with CJ. We went to the mall - how perfect is that - I finally got a late wedding gift, a few other pressies for me ! and for others. I also decided that I would start a birthday lunch date with me and CJ. I'd told her about it as we entered the mall and she was totally excited about the idea and asked endlessly if it was time for lunch. The lunch was good. It was nice to hang out with her, and every once in a while I would imagine what it will be like when she is older and we continue this tradition. For the first time I pictured all the things that we will be doing when she is older and how nice it will be to have a pal.

So, here is CJ entralled with the volcano desert that came with her kids meal at Moxies. You'd think it was her birthday right? She looks a bit goofy - but I like life photos like this. Lucky for me - I'm not that great of a photographer.

Birthday dinner was to be on Saturday, so we had leftovers and a brownie birthday cake ( from a mix - eek) to sing the song and open some presents.

The long weekend was great but tiring. We went to the Toronto Zoo for the first time and met up with my girlfriend, Amanda and her family. It was a sunny day for the zoo and the kids loved it. We didn't stay too long so next time we'll have to pack a lunch and make it a day - but what we did see of it was fabulous. The lions, giraffes, elephants were amazing.

Between seeing some family and resting, watching the movies, Deja Vu, and I told you so, we also saw some friends from University. Let me tell you, it's busy with 6 girls in our house. The poor boys were outnumbered again. Here are the older girls being daring, and enjoying the Lake Ontario breeze - what beauties they all are!

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