Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So, I have started watching the Gilmore Girls. A friend lent me Season 1 and I finally got through all the disks only to learn that 1) there are 7 seasons and 2) this is the last season...in fact tonight is the series finale. Both Ja and I have never really gotten into it because it's always been late when it comes on, there is a lot of talking, bantering and we are both not that chatty, but having seen the series now from the start I have grown warmer to it. Especially as I didn't watch a lot of it with Ja. So, I'm a bit sad that I've missed out on the whole Gilmore Girls thing...but happy that it's all on video and I can watch it whenever I want. It seems like I have been behind of TV lately. I don't know how that happened. Is there a book that I need to know about? TV for Dummies? Do you remember when watching the Oscars, music video awards, Golden Globes, Miss. Universe pagents were *must see* moments? Somehow over the course of the last couple of years, TV has become less of a thing. I tell myself it's because there really isn't very good TV...the old shows had that much more substance...but then why is it that I have watched West Wing, 24, Alias, Sex in the City, Grey's Anatomy and a few more shows all from video...like movie marathons and have come out of it breathless, trancelike and watching with my hand attached to the FFWd button? I guess now that I can watch TV whenever I want, there is less of an alure to it. Maybe the commercials are just too many. Maybe I am just getting old and I can't wait for a week to find out what happens next. Maybe it's because there are fewer family shows: shows that you can watch all together kids and all - and it's all safe, tame, dorky and corny. Maybe...I'm just on the wrong channel these days.

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AY said...

Do you even read these comment? There are a ton of good shows but people have such poor taste the things that are popular are the reality TV shows and stupid games shows which I think are just garbage. The good stuff doesn't last as long as it should or as you say it has to be late so the kids don't see. Dead Like Me is great (Showcase) but only lasted 3 seasons.Everyone I know who sees it really enjoys it. Entourage and Dexter are 2 more but they are from HBO so we are far behind (actually you can download and watch). It all depends on what you like. Dexter isn't even on the air here and Entourage is 3 seasons behind.