Monday, June 04, 2007

Bitten alive

My mom used to tell me that I have sweet blood. In all my travels, readings and listenings, never have I heard any kind of expression or proof to suppor this idea. And yet, I have just been out for 15 minutes and am bitten everywhere. Sometimes, I don't even notice it untill it is too late and I see the flying creature perched on my hand having a good 'ole drink. Today, I suddenly had this desire to scratch the back of my thighs and realized that I have a dozen bites on my legs. This is THROUGH my pants. Unbelievable.

Just had to get this out of my system. Does this happen to anybody else? Is there a secret remedy to this curse? and can anybody support this idea of "sweet" blood with scientific proof?

Have a dandy day everyone and don't forget - bring bug spray.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Me too. When Steve and I went up to Georgian Bay I got about 100 bits (I counted) and Steve got NONE!