Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Giving in.

I am a classic "cold-so" and my husband and daughter are both "hot-sos". This means that I am always cold, wearing fleeces and socks. In the winter, Ja often tells me to "think warm thoughts" to stay warm, and this week, it was my turn to say, "think cool thoughts" back! We are back from Calgary and feeling the hot of Ontario summer. The humidity and mugginess is slowly coming, inching it's way...until the next thundershower which provides some relief. It has been in the high 30s with humidity but I have not turned on the air conditioning...until today. I was waiting for July to roll around - but late nights and sweaty naps has made me think again. I think it was also the sound of my neighbours son SPLASHING into their pool that gave me the wakeup call that - maybe - I should give in to it all. (and if you are wondering why it's late nights - it's cause Ja is sooooo hot he can't sleep until is after 11:30 pm...and keeps the night owl in me up too!)

I realized today that I haven't been taking as many pictures of life, surroundings and CJ's. I am missing things. Just today, I put her hair in pigtails and they were big girl pigtails. Then, in the car, CJ says, " mama, what comes after 3?" - I say, " 4", she says, " no - 3 1/2 - what comes after 4? , I say, "5" - she laughs, " 4 1/2". she is so funny right now!

So now, it is nearly 10: 45 and all is quiet. Daughter is sleeping curled up, the hum of the air conditioner is finally quiet from cranking all the cold air in the house. There are no fans blowing white noise, and even my husband is in bed...probably snoring away...ok - so it's almost quiet.

Good night all!

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