Sunday, June 03, 2007

Here's my stash ( well some of it).

I'm just back from CKC - in Buffalo. It was fun and tiring. I decided this year to take a few more classes and try to spend less. I don't know if the spending less really happened, but I did love the classes. Here are some of the projects that we did as well as my new stash of stamps. They are mostly from a company called A Muse - they are just too cute to resist. I also did a make & take a vendor faire, and fell in love with the cute little birdie stamp. Of course, I had to get them, and the paper and now I've got those Marvy Clever scallop punches on "my list" - and I'm not even a punch girl!

I've just realized that it's June. Wow! In a couple of days, CJ and I will be heading to Calgary for 2 weeks. Blogging will be a bit more sporadic, so I might just take a break from it. We can't wait to see everybody and going for 2 weeks will hopefully make the trip feel a bit less rushed.

Did I tell you guys that Ja has been renovating the upstairs bathroom.

We just ordered the new tub and toilet. Yesterday we checked out some vanities and faucets, shower fixtures. Boy - is there ever a great selection now a days. How do you pick? We ended up relying on the sales rep to let us know what is popular, what is within our budget...and still it's hard to choose. I think we are almost sold on this vanity though. I really want to have drawers in the bathroom - so much more practical for storage. We also saw some gorgeous tiles that look like wood - so I now even get my wooden floor! Yippee.

Sorry about the pictures above all in a row. If anybody knows how I can set them 2 in a row - please let me know...I think I'm too old to be reading the HTML textbook.

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