Sunday, June 03, 2007

Stay tuned.....

I've been mulling over a blog subject all day and it's coming....but for now...I'll leave you with husband is a real monty python fan, saturday night live comedy, loves a great laugh and although would never do a crank call - does keep company with those who are more "daring"....anyways, he's browsing blogs righ now.....but clicking "next" off my blog site. He's loving it...he just went by a site that is called, "what would arnold do..." - no truly - he's doing that - and that's the name of the site. Oh - the simple things that can be done to be happy...and pass time. Got to love the Internet for that.

Oh, on the subject of the internet. There is a new feature on google where you can "walk down a street and see the names of the shops" or see real houses, take a tour of the neighbourhood - as if you were there. You can get an idea of where you want to go before you go, what the feel is. Neat stuff. Ok - it's only certain cities. Here is a link:

Have fun with it!

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