Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Up up and away

I am in Calgary, Alberta visiting friends. Today, it has rained, been overcast, and turned sunny. In some parts of the city there has been heavy rain, others showers and still others hail. Calgary is a big sprawly city and being close to the Rockies always unpredictable in weather. It should be good practice for me...to pack and travel in layers. When Ja and I went to the first parent JK/SK school welcome night, they talked about packing in layers. It's a test for me...this Calgary weather.

It's been lots of fun so far. Going to the zoo, shopping at box centres, throwing rocks in Sandy Beach, going to Heritage Park. Oh...the simple life.

Today Courtney and I ended up going to Heritage Park. It is this "park" where everything is pioneer. The staff dress the wear, they have a small town with a bakery (where you can buy bread), a post office, barber shop, drug store, etc. You can go into each building and learn about how things were done times past. CJ and I rode the steam train around and around the park until the rain died down. Then, it was off to the rides. The first time I came with CJ to Heritage Park she was just one or so and she was scared of everything. It took a lot of convincing just to get her on the merry go round, and I think actually, she never really went. This time, it took all my effort to let her only go on the rides 1x. She tells me that the rides were all her favourite, but I will remember the ferris wheel ride as it was probably the first time that I had been on one EVER. I am OK on rides that go round and round, preferably, never leaving the ground. I realized in my teenage years, that a rollercoaster ride was doable as long as I screamed my lungs out every time we went down. The screaming allowed the sensation of my heart being ripped out of me to ease. But, sitting beside your 3 1/2 year old daughter on a small ferris wheel screaming is proabably not a good thing. And so...I suffered though it. It did get better towards the end, and it was nice that we only went round and round backwards. But, I tell you, playing eye spy was not fun up there for mommy.

So, today, I survived the ferris wheel. I'm not looking forward to going on it again...but I know now that I can. A friend told me that there are only two fears that are instinctual. The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises...everything else is hereditary / passed down / made up in your head.

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