Thursday, July 26, 2007

What have you been up to?

It's almost been 2 weeks of preschool for Courtney and both she and I have adjusted well to it. Well, somewhat. Yesterday, I spent my 2 hours walking around the house and missing her...and she has started hugging me more, cuddling and wanting to spend all her time and attention with / on me. I know it's all temporary so for the time being, I am welcoming the attention and giving some TLC. Here she is on the first day of preschool So excited about the whole idea and what awaits her. I know school will be good for her. She's ready for it. I'm so lucky that I was able to just hang out with her the first 3 years of her life.

Otherwise, the weeks have just flown by. A recap of my more exciting last week.

Last weekend, I went to my first scrapbooking retreat. This was a retreat where I lugged almost all my gear and just spent time scrapbooking. It was the Elmhearst Inn in Ingersoll, ON. I met some great new ladies and even caught up on some of my scrapbooking. It's nice to get away, have some "me" time and not cook for a change! I can see how this whole "retreat" idea of scrapbooking is appealing. You get to get away, stay in spa / country inns, be fed and catered to. Receive goodie bags, snack, eat and generally do whatever you please. Plus, to be surrounded by friendly, creative and like minded women is just icing on the cake. I'd love to do this kind of thing....anybody interested in joining me - should I organize one myself?

Coming back from the weekend and totally missing Courtney, Ja and I went into Toronto and saw The Police concert and can I say - wow - Sting is totally HOT. OK - I know that he could be my dad, but WOW. The performance was amazing and the music just incredible. I love being in the presence of such energy, such beauty ( in the music gals!), it just takes my breath away that something so powerful in the form of music can exist. It was a sold out concert and was also totally cool to see so many old ( that's me too!) foks grooving to it all. Amazing! If you get the chance to go - go! It's on of those concerts where you wouldn't even need to have the best seats in the house - the show is that good.

Tuesday night, we snuck out AGAIN - though it was after CJ was in bed and rushed to the theatre to catch the newest Harry Potter movie. Good flick, but I remembered as I was leaving the theatre that it was more of a "set up" movie in the series...good entertainment, but nothing spectacular happens in it - no scene stealers. You could probably save your money and just read it again. As Ja and I were walking through the parking lot, we pondered about just how old the actors will actually be and look by the time all the books are turned into movies. You can see already in this installation that they are teens, almost past their geeky / acne / froggy / just figuring out their bodies period in their life. Will they be heart throbs before all the books are made into movies. I'd read in the papers that the Harry Potter actor was doing some stage theatre acting and was playing the boy in Equus and running around nude in it. It was kind of weird to know that and watch him as Harry at the same time.

On other fronts... I am finally giving in and buying a new washer dryer set. Our dryer has always left burn marks on our best clothes - and I went around checking out sets and finally decided tonight on the Bosch 500 series. It was either that or the Samsung silvercare - both have environmental elements to it. The Bosch uses way less water than all the other front load washers and the Silvercare allows you to essentially do a "hot" sterillizing wash with cold water. Cool. But after some discussion with Ja, we decided to save water over saving energy. He pointed out that in North America, there is lots of natural gas and freshwater is by far the most precious that if we can use less of - we should try - even at the cost of a higher gas bill. I said OK. A slightly different perspective on saving the earth and being environmentally conscious. I'm going tomorrow to order the set. Super psyched about it. In the meantime, I'm going to try not to use the dryer. Oh, if you are in the market for new laundry care, check out - they have an option where you can compare up to 5 washers so you can check out the stats on them and compare feature more easily. WAYYYYY easier than going into an appliance store and just walking by washer after washer after washer. They all looked the same to me.

Well, that's a good catchup on my life. Oh - I found the CUTEST shop in Olde Oakville. Tomorrow, I'm seriously blowing my budget when I continue to shop in it ( I have stuff on hold there already) while CJ is in schoold. I'll know the name of it and will post more info on it - but SUPER CUTE stuff. It is for kids stuff - but a much broader range - not just baby. I'll have to post this "thing" that I am getting for my BIL and SIL - they just had twins! It's just too funny.

Have a good night everyone! Here are some pics of the Police Concert. They are back in November in Toronto.

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