Thursday, August 30, 2007

From nothing to lots to tell

First of all, I can't believe that it will be September - TOMORROW!. That means in 8 days, Courtney will start JK. Wow! I can't believe it. Fortunately, we are almost all set. I have been slowly stocking up on lunch supplies and goodies like, PINK oreos. My daughter has a thing for "pink". I'm still trying to decide if it's really OK that all her clothes are pink...well practically. Anyways, the last thing to get ready is her nap blanket/towel. I'd been looking for the perfect " towel" for a month and had almost decided to just get a Pottery Barn one ( cause they are soo cute), when my ( eek) japanese fabric order arrived. When I squealed and showed Courtney all the cute fabric, her eye immediately caught sight of the PINK hedgehog print towel. I had picked out this fabric with the idea of making mini towels for her, but right away she decided that it would be perfect for her nap towel. So...check...nap towel is almost done. Today, we went hunting for some more fabric to match and give it a bit more substance...and if I can make it cuter with embroidery and a name - all the better.

Here's my first lot of fabric from here. I think I'll wait until tonight to plan my project, just so I can hug it a bit more. I'm really going to try and just use it, instead of hoarding it. So, for my fellow scrappers and cardmakers, yes - I love fabric too. We'll see how good I can be with fabric.

Oh, and I am also very happy with my new Japanese craft books. It is just such cuteness inside!
And there is more to tell, but my little peanut has just awaken, so I'll leave you with this.....

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