Monday, August 06, 2007

It's the long weekend and we are being like tourists

On Saturday, we braved the crowds and drove down to Niagara Falls. Apparantly, we weren't the only ones with this idea. Fortunately, we didn't decide to cross the border to do some shopping like others in the 3 hours plus line did.

It's been years since I really visited Niagara Falls and I was surprised by how built up, trashy, small town, Vegas like, un-landscaped the part near the falls is. Perhaps, there is a nice part of Niagara Fall ( other than the attraction itself) - but we didn't see it. The concentration of hotels is amazing surrounded by restaurants advertising their $6.99 buffets - seemed to cater to a particular group of people. It's hard to remember that amidst all this, there are honeymooners.

We went on the Maid of the mist. We didn't get as wet as we thought, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be either. Still, it was something to be so close to the Horseshoe Falls. What an amazing wonder! I wished that I could just run my fingers through the crashing and falling waters. Maybe in my next life as a fish!

It was a long day for CJ. It was hot, tons of people, crowds and a long drive back home. A missed nap capped it off. It's a good thing we only do this once in a while, but it was an interesting experience to get a taste of what "travelling with small child" does to us. It made us think of trips to Disney just for the fun of it. Mommy is going to have to have a good book or activity to de-tress at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

OK, I've done something stupid. I've left the country without printing off a list of my e-mail buddies' addresses. The computer is in transit but won't arrive for at least another few weeks. I'd love to send you an e-mail. Send me your address, Jenn. Miss you lots.


Christy said...

Hi Jenn! Great shot of the falls. :)