Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Getting ready for school.

It's the start of school and already Courtney has had 2 full days of "real" school. Here are some pics from 1st day ( 1 hour at school), 2nd day ( 2 hours at school) and 3rd day ( full day at school). She seems to have adjusted to the program. There is lots to learn, digest, figure out and absorb so mommy and daddy still don't know exactly what goes on at school...but it's all good fun and not crying or fussing. School itself, I am learning just starts and gets going. Other than the slow entry, nothing else is slow...already there is school fall fair, show and tell, terry fox run, pizza lunch program, volunteering - it just happens.

First day:
Second day:
Third day...the real thing!
so determined to wear her napsack herself!
It's all started....the real growing up. There's been no crying yet....by either CJ, mom or day...I expect that will still come...right now it's all so new and exciting. Can you imagine - I get 6 hours by myself...heck - I primed the bathroom the other day! Second coat goes up tomorrow morning!

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