Thursday, October 11, 2007

Black and green

For the last four years, pretty much all of my attention and $$$ have been primarily spent with my darling little Courtney in mind. In the course of the last 3 months, I've noticed this changing. There are all kinds of things that I am remembering more of. I remember that green used to be my favorite colour and the number 7 was my lucky number. Somewhere somehow, I had forgotten that. I've started to restate these facts perhaps a year ago mostly to answer Courtney's questions, but they don't still feel "mine". For Courtney, her favorite colour is pink and well...her wardrobe is pretty much pink. She has even started to say that red is pink. I'm hoping she knows that is not true. When did I lose my "favorites"? Where did I lose my colour?Maybe it was the whole phase of black is best...that washed out my colour in my wardrobe. I don't know...but I do know that I can't say with conviction what my favorite colour is. Maybe it was the need to fit in and all those stupid ( but I love them) style magazines that give you ideas ( tell you ) what to wear, buy - which over time render one indecisive...needing hand holding. These days, I mostly buy browns and blacks. They are easy, they go with what I already have...and it does make me feel slimmer. Hey - maybe it's that it's easy. Hm...easy. These days, I don't really buy a lot of apparel, but I'm starting to. I remember that I used to LOVE clothes shopping - the most. ( I don't mean scrap shopping, stamp shopping, food shopping, magazing shopping either) Now, I find little pleasure in it. Shopping for clothes is last minute and in the moment of desperate need. I'm sad to say, that I have mostly resorted to buying what is on the mannequin than to risk assembling an outfit myself. I'm not sure where this post is going...but I'd promised a picture of my newest shoes. These were all bought within a month, almost all out of need. re: wedding shoes, party shoes, shoes that I've always wanted and were onsale, and my black funky shoes. These I am proud to say that I picked ALL BY MYSELF. I even decided that I needed to go up 1 size because they didn't feel right. In reflection, I can't believe this is me talking...nor that I DEPEND on sales help to help me make my purchase. But...I'm OK with all this. Heck...I've got 4 new pairs of shoes. I think last year, I made 1 shoe purchase. I'm on a roll!

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