Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Remembering growingup

I didn't know that when I became a parent, I would remember more of me when I was little. When I first met my husband Ja, I was amazed by his childhood memories. Just the other day, he recited the names of all his teachers from kindergarten to high school. I can remember a few on a good day, and none on a bad day. I took french immersion in primary school and I see now that with 3 languages going on in my head, it's a wonder that I can still speak the three and understand them to. But, I digress. I remember when I was pregnant, I started to forget things. Names, dates, things to do...the end of sentences. I remember that I used to take pride of my memory. That I would tell people that I had almost a photographic memory. Ha! Then, after Courtney was born, I was always forgetting, always late and just not remembering things.

This weekend, a friend from high school came up to visit with her family and I was surprised by all the things that I am remembering from my past. When we walked to the lighthouse by the lake, there was a fisherman and just by saying the word fisherman, I remembered the fisherman song that I learned in church back so many years ago. It was weird to remember it and to sing it. Such a simple song so long ago. Christine also brought me a Chinese cookbook. I flipped through the recipes over breakfast showing and remembering with Courtney all the foods that my mom would make and prepare for us. Over lunch, I read the introduction in the book and learned about all the differences in cooking styles in China and realized that I need to do more Chinese cooking. Here I have a book with gorgeous pictures, in english, giving me instructions for the foods that I ate growing up. I decided that I wanted to share this culture and heritage with Courtney. So, I guess I'm headed to the grocery store and revamping some of my pantry and food staples. I'd better dig out my rice cooker and give it a permanent spot in my kitchen. It will be nice having rice everyday...and like it says in the book, white polished white rice is the staple. Won't my dad be pleased...no more brown rice ( at least for the time being...or the next cook book).

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